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Professor Chaos is a science student by day, evil mad scientist by night. Having known herself to be kinky for years, she finally took the big leap into the public scene in April 2010. Chaos identifies as pansexual, dominant, disabled, and femme. Nothing gets her quite as hot as pontificating about these topics; hence this blog.

Fizz is a high school dropout, a linguistics undergrad, and an overall communication nerd. They’ve had kinky thoughts as long as they’ve had sexy ones, but didn’t start exploring the public BDSM community until March 2011; it was reading and thinking about that which got the identity-politics ball rolling. Fizz identifies as queer, fat, poly, dominant, switchy, and agender.

2 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. […] And on my own blog, where I can answer in paragraphs if I want to, I have no need to compromise. My introduction currently describes me as “female. Mostly,” and it’s wrong. I’m not mostly female; I’m a […]

  2. […] my obsession with Helsinki, and spent time with some of my blogger friends in real life. (Hi Chaos and Fizz!) I also got to meet someone who reads my blog in real life, which was fun and […]

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